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Early Signs That Could Point to Mobility Issues in Seniors


As we age, our bodies are not as strong or flexible as they once were. This, along with other factors can put seniors at risk for falls. With over 36 million falls reported among seniors each year, it is important to identify when an elderly loved one needs help with mobility. As a provider of personal care in Florida, we will discuss the early signs of poor mobility in seniors:

  • Struggling to sit down or stand up.
    Try to observe when your senior loved one moves around. Is she or he has a hard time getting up from a seated position or sitting back down? If the senior needs to hold onto something for support or recently had a fall, it could be a sign of increasing mobility issues.
  • Skipping physical activity.
    If your elderly loved one has always engaged in some degree of exercise but is now choosing a more sedentary lifestyle, it could point to mobility issues. Low energy or weakness may cause impaired mobility. In addition to companionship, in-home caregivers can assist with mobility as well.
  • Walking with an unsteady gait.
    Is your senior loved one holding onto walls or clinging to furniture to get around the house? if so, this puts him or her at risk of falls leading to moderate to severe injuries. Caregivers in Fort Myers, Florida can lend a helping hand to help seniors retain their independence and ensure safety.

Castle Comfort Homecare LLC is a trusted agency specializing in home health care in Southwest Florida. To help you move at your own pace, we offer mobility assistance to elders and disabled individuals. To arrange our services, reach out to us to set an appointment and discuss your loved one’s needs.

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