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Helping Your Loved One Adjust Into Senior Living


Receiving senior home care can bring big changes, not just to the senior patient but also to his loved ones. Arrangements must be made, which can be disorienting, especially when the elderly have to give up a huge portion of their independence. While receiving Living Assistance Services at home is less disruptive than when a person moves to a senior care center, the environment can still be overwhelming. Our Home Health Care in Cape Coral, Florida, is here to make the transition easier for you and your loved ones through these steps:

  • Plan Ahead and Involve Your Loved One

    Something as big as receiving elderly care must be carefully planned. In making plans, it is important that you involve the patient himself so he would not be blindsided and more resistant. Our Personal Care in Florida has different services that cater to our client’s unique needs, and we make sure to coordinate with the patient and the family members in tailoring the treatment program.

  • Allow Them Time to Adjust

    It is normal that the patient would not like their new environment right away. When they lash out of frustration or anger, do not respond aggressively. Communicate, and see if there are changes that they would like to make or if a compromise could be reached.

  • Bring Their Personal Belongings

    One of the main reasons why senior patients have trouble adjusting to their new life is that they feel detached from their old ones. Our Caregivers in Fort Myers, Florida, urge family members to retain the patient’s personal belongings or old interests because it helps the patient’s feeling of restlessness.

If you or your loved one requires assistance, Castle Comfort Homecare LLC is here to help.

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