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Preventing Shoulder Injuries as Part of Senior Health


Because of straining, muscle weakening, and decreased flexibility, seniors are more likely to tear a muscle or two. Shoulder injuries are one of the most common injuries among seniors. When we reach our 50s, it doesn’t take much to acquire shoulder issues. Shoulder muscles and tendons have weakened, cartilage has deteriorated, and bones have begun to lose density. Rotator cuff injuries and fractures are two types of shoulder ailments that are common in older persons. Seniors who live alone are especially vulnerable to these dangers. As a result, enable Castle Comfort Homecare LLC to provide private duty care in your senior’s home.

When big objects are raised above the shoulders, rotator cuff problems may occur. Rotator cuff muscles in older persons can tear if they are overworked. This can often occur if a senior forces themselves to do chores that require heavy lifting. Fractures, on the other hand, are frequently caused by fractured shoulder bones during a fall. This injury can result in pain, swelling, trouble moving the arm, and a grinding sound when moving the arm.

Our home health care in Cape Coral, Florida, employs certified and skilled caregivers who can assist with daily living activities. As caregivers, we strive to keep our clients comfortable and healthy. We recognize that elders value their freedom. They must understand, however, that not all chores requiring strength, endurance, and flexibility are easily accomplished at their age. As a result, having our assistance with them at all times will prove to be an excellent method to avoid further mishaps at home.

Our caregivers in Fort Myers, Florida, are available 24 hours a day, aiding our clients with daily living activities and providing non-medical care that enables them to live comfortably and freely in their homes.

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